100% Application Success Rate, Vanuatu Head Office, Vanuatu Governments Master Agent,

100% Application Success Rate, Vanuatu Head Office, Vanuatu Governments Master Agent,

At Stanford Knight & Partners, we believe its important you know exactly who you are dealing with. Our advisory team have lived and resided in Vanuatu since 2004.  faster, confidential, professional.

Receive a  complimentary Same Day Pre-Approval from us

Receive a complimentary Same Day Pre-Approval from us

All we require is a copy of the photo page of your current passport and we will have SKP  pre-approval within 12 hours for you. If you have any issues, we can work with you to see if you are eligible, and offer a free consultation to discuss these.

Secure your Plan B in just 4 weeks with the fastest growing citizenship program in the world

Secure your Plan B in just 4 weeks with the fastest growing citizenship program in the world

The fastest & most affordable second citizenship on the market. Travel visa free to 170+ countries, safe and secure country, clean and beautiful country to reside

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Welcome to Stanford Knight and Partners

Stanford Knight is the leading Government Agent of the Citizenship Program of Vanuatu. Our founder worked with the Vanuatu Government to develop its Citizenship by Investment program. Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu since 2004, the group was founded on the platform of our strong analysis, management and advisory skills. We are a Master Designated Agent of the Government of Vanuatu for the Citizenship Development Support Program and are a fully recognised company and trusted service provider by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

What we do

The SKP Edge

Stanford Knight & Partners are the leading provider of Citizenship Services in Vanuatu. Our firm is Vanuatu based and the master agent of the Vanuatu DSP Citizenship programme. We offer exceptional service, fastest processing times and ensure your application is handled confidentially by legal professionals operating to the highest standards.

Citizenship By Investment

The Citizenship Development Support Program was launched in early 2017 and is the only program of its type in the South Pacific. It is the fastest route to alternative citizenship-by-investment acquisition. For an investment of $130,000 for an individual applicant, you gain dual citizenship and passport within 4 weeks of application.

Global Mobility

Many passports are restrictive in their visa-free mobility, forcing individuals to obtain visas whenever they need to travel abroad. A second passport via Vanuatu's Development Support Program can offer individuals visa free travel to over 125 countries including UK, EU, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Security & Safety

A second citizenship and passport from a stable, peaceful country can be life-saving in the event of any kind of political unrest in one’s home country or global pandemic. This type of insurance is priceless for investors and their families.

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The Government of the Republic of Vanuatu launched the Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP) in 2017 for the purpose of raising funds to support infrastructure and promoting economic development of Vanuatu. Applicants may apply for citizenship by contributions to the Government of Vanuatu of $130,000 for an individual applicant and $180,000 for a family of four members. The citizenship acquired under the DSP program is fully recognised by the Government of Vanuatu and recipients maintain the full right to reside in Vanuatu at all times and the 10 year passport is renewable upon expiry. Furthermore, citizenship is hereditary.

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Stanford Knight can process your application faster than any other service provider and ensure you are informed along the way. The process will take 4 weeks from receiving initial documents and all processes can be conducted outside of Vanuatu.

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Vanuatu – South Pacific Paradise

Vanuatu, officially the Republic of Vanuatu, is a South Pacific island nation made from an archipelago of 83 islands with rich history and culture. Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean east of Australia, north-east of New Caledonia and west of Fiji.Vanuatu is a member of the Commonwealth and its citizens are considered Commonwealth citizens granting them additional rights in the United Kingdom and certain Commonwealth countries.

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